Ortho-Bionomy® with Peg Hensley
also certified in Reiki and The Emotion Code


Karen K writes:  In my search for an alternative solution for pain relief, I tried Ortho-Bionomy. Instead of masking the problems with drugs, this therapy addressed my office job-induced postural issues with gentle manipulation - the results are amazing! Thanks Peg!

JJH writes: While my horse was growing and changing shape Peg's work was a great help in keeping him balanced, sound and happy. Every growth spurt changed the saddle fit, etc, and the OB really helped get us both thru that phase.  Now that he's done growing we continue regular sessions for tune-ups and maintenance.  OB is good stuff.

A.L writes:  Peg helped my horse and me get over a bad habit that was becoming a training issue.  My horse locked his jaw on the left side and braced against the rein while I was using stronger and stronger rein aids in response.  Peg loosened up the tight muscles in his jaw and talked to me about the pattern that was developing.  By focusing on soft rein aids after the session I was able to change this habit and turn left easily again.

MH writes:  After a few sessions I realized that my lower back started with poor shoulder posture.  Correcting that has eliminated the back pain...which I thought was chronic.

KM writes:  Peg has incredible sensitivity about physical discomfort and pain in people and animals.  In my sessions with her, we gained amazing insights as to how my body habitually holds tension and pain in certain ways.  I've had tremendous relief, less pain, and more ease in my body due to Peg's work.  As for my dog, he is much calmer and happier since Peg worked with him too.  We both recommend Peg!


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